Nova7s Slots

This intergalactic slot machine welcomes one and all to it. When you'd like to play a little fun and games in space and time, then this is the slot machine that you want to spend some time playing. Not only do these planets give off some decent payments, but they can provide the player with a way to cash out on the many bonuses that they open up while playing these slots in space.

This 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine takes on a new sci-fi look which not everyone is going to appreciate but for those that do, it is going to reward you well in the end. This is one of the biggest reasons to pull the lever and see where the slots land. Will they be in your favor? Will the plants line up just right for that big payout?

What Intergalactic Symbols Await?

When it comes to the symbols, you need to know what to expect since you need to make sure that they line up just right. Since it is in space, you can expect to find just about all of the planets lining up for your benefit. The wilds are the keys that come around every so often. When you see these, they can replace the right planets to give you a bigger payout.

You'll notice that the slot lines have just about every plant on them. When lined up right, each mix of planets in a row pay out a certain amount. This is something to consider when it comes to lining them up, even if you do not get the wild or the scatter since the other planets will pay out, as well though the payouts are not as high.

Does Nova 7s Offer Bonuses?

When the wilds line up on the screen, you can watch a pretty cool space video which seems like it is from NASA. This means that you had won a pretty big payout from it. As far as big bonuses go, this game does not have them but when you hit the right amount of scatters, you can multiply your bet. This will give you higher earnings on the bet that you made. This is always a good thing to consider.

When it comes to knowing more about the planets out there and lining them up just right, this is the game you want to play. With pretty cool graphics when you line up the planets and pretty decent payouts, they have a bit of everything to look forward too when it comes to playing a little slots and having a great time while you do so. This is a benefit to anyone out there.